The online program allows investigators to organize Cases by categorizing and ranking the findings in tables and charts.  It provides for team members to set tasks for the investigation, assessment and security implementation. Keep all your files, images and records in one secure location for online for case management control.

From initial report to Case closure, this tool does not assess the threat for you but rather, provides the tools to utilize your training and experience for comprehensive, threat management control.


Case Management:

You know how to do an investigation but how do you organize, track and manage all of the cases?

  • Organize your cases by level of urgency.
  • Plot findings and warning signs on Interactive Charts.
  • Store files, reports and images all related to the case.
  • Create profiles of Person of Concern and any potential Targets.


See the Big Picture:

By plotting warning signs on charts according to severity and category, the team can see the the red flags all at once and in context to each other.  More warning signs plotted closer to the center indicates greater risk.

  • See all of your discoveries about a case at once.
  • Just double-click to add/edit details including source, date and more.
  • Rank every finding in terms of severity and importance, providing an overall rank of all the factors.
  • A timeline chart shows acceleration of behavior and the impact of pivotal events.
  • Categorize your findings and warning signs into “Sectors” by whatever classification makes sense to your team and to the case.
  • Every case can have its own unique set of “Sectors”.


Keep the Team on Track:

“Whose was supposed to follow up on that?”  Ensure that the ball never gets dropped.

  • Organize team members into roles with different levels of authority, each with their own customized login.
  • Assign team members as Case Owner of any investigation.
  • Set Tasks for team members with deadlines and status levels.
  • Every users homepage lists their assigned task and status. Review all tasks per case or by user assignee.
  • Communicate in forums for each Case to continue the conversation.

Report Management:

Knowing about the threat is half the battle. Having a disciplined, organized approach to tackle the threat is the other half.

  • Online Forms lets students, employees and other constituents report concerns to you as they are added automatically to the Database for management.
  • Add these reports to an existing Case or create a new one.
  • Generate reports showing all the details of a Case and the  status of the tasks, team members and overall investigation.


simple – $1,000 per user, per year