Online Covid Tracking Platform: Track your community members through our online, secure platform

There are 2 parts:

An online questionnaire that you can distribute to your community through your email or link on your website, asking basic questions about exposure, infection/symptoms, quarantines and vaccinations.

Here is an example.

The questionnaire submissions will then show up on a the Threat Assessment Dashboard (TADapp) portal where it can be assigned to any of your investigators (users). They are then able to contact the subject to edit what was provided or to expand on the findings with more questions. Very soon, we will provide the option for you to add your own customized questions.

The full list of all reports can be exported to a spreadsheet and every report can be exported into a PDF document.

Just $20/month per user (user login for the person who can login to read reports and conduct follow up)
Can be billed annually or monthly subscription (credit card only).
(Discount for ePanicButton users)

It can be purchased separately but is included in the full Threat Assessment Dashboard subscription which provides a robust incident management system for security control. Please rest of site for details.

The program is HIPAA compliant and our database and transmissions are encrypted.

Free Trial to test it out!