Does the program calculate or determine the risk of an assault?

No. It is a tool for trained threat assessment professionals and investigators to organize, coordinate and visualize the warning signs on interactive charts. The severity of the individual warning signs (Factors) and the overall threat is determined by the user’s judgement.


How Secure is the data and information?

The data transmission and storage uses encrypted code to protect the account information. An SSL cert is applied to the website ensure protection.  


Do you provide any training?

Training on how to use the program is provided through pdf instructions, slide-decks, videos and live support via phone and online meetings. This training covers items such as creating a new Case, zooming in on the Timeline or adding Files, but not on how to conduct a threat assessment.   


While we do offer basic review training on threat assessments through our webinar program, we strongly encourage investigators to participant in professional threat assessment trainings such as those provided by ATAP and ASIS.


Pricing - annual subscription (Hosted on our Secure Servers)

1 User - $1,000/yr

5 Users - $3,000/yr

10 Users - $5,000/yr

> 10 users - please contact us

(For local install of program on your servers, please contact us for pricing)